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I built this website because I felt a little helpless in changing our world into something better than what I can see ... the problems seem too large for little ole me to do something about, so I decided that just maybe if I can help in some small way by way perhaps of suggestion about what we can do together collectively then maybe we have a good chance of bringing about change without the need for violence and war !!!

I am now in my 70's and am very grateful to have had many wonderfully varied experiences on my journey to this point having travelled this planet reasonably extensively I can say that every country and its people I have visited has been the best country and people in the world...I am so excited to be still alive in these times of great change and look to our future with great expectation and a very happy heart....

In my spare time I relax lay back and sing to my hearts content - I am not a professional anything although have been reasonably successful in business family and relationships. I am mostly self taught in nearly everything I have done including this site... you could say I am unprofessionally professional and have been very happy doing it...


If this website can help in some small way I would be delighted .....or if you like to listen to old songs from yesteryear and/or watch a video or two then take a look at my my music page


The Entrance To The Sky


Take a look at our beautiful magnificently spectacular planet (best viewed in full screen) that we are destroying with pollution war mining and burning off its protective forests......just to name a few

We are surrounded by expert help!

GET your Government to SAY YES to these offers of help by these guys !!!!

They are here in great numbers awaiting our acceptance of their help and permission to show themselves not just to help us clear suppresion poverty and hunger and eliminate conflict but also to offer highly advanced technology to clean up our atmosphere and planet among other things and our Governments have been refusing them !!! and instead are spreading fear and propaganda about our Galactic brothers and sisters and their intentions!!! all to protect their greed and oil based technologies incomes and politically lucrative persuasions.!!!

We can do something about this!! We are not helpless!! Demand disclosure of these many visits they have kept hushed up....and demand that you be the judge of what is allowed and what is not!!! Humans are sick of being kept in the dark by the dark money hungry forces...!!!

Its time to pour some light on the situation!!! YouYube is full of videos taken of UFO's ...not all are hoaxes ! not all are flares balloons aircraft fireworks hallucinations etc or something else made up in our minds to negate what we are seeing or being told.


See The Photographs From The Air !!

Read what they are saying to us !!

Channeled information recorded by a medium speaking directly to our Galactic friends about these crop circles and what they mean...

(Carolyn is a medium who channels information through from different sources in our universe)

Recently Carolyn was asked by one of the crop circle makers to bring forth descriptions of some of the crop circles. She decided to ask for a little background on themselves and how and why they do this work. The following is the result of this inquiry.


Carolyn - First off all I would like to tell you how much I appreciate you coming forth and giving us these explanations. For a very long time I would say there is a great deal of interest being generated by these crop circles and even though the subconscious might understand, many people want to understand in their conscious mind what this means. So I think this is of great service to humanity in doing this and if this fits within your acceptance, I think it would also be very beneficial for us to understand a little bit about you, those who create these patterns, and if you're willing, I would like to know a little bit about who you are, your connection to earth, why you are enlightening us with regards to our nature and higher levels of consciousness and if you would, give us some thoughts as to how you actually create these beautiful crop circles in the crops of grain, and also why you have selected primarily these locations in England?

We are from Arcturus and we agreed a long time ago that part of our contribution to humanity would be to bring forth these patterns, that would assist the uplifting of the vibration of humanity and these are done in several ways. Firstly there is the pattern itself which I am describing to you.
Secondly there is the energy that the pattern contains. Many have experienced the extraordinary changes which happen when you meditate in these patterns. So the patterns themselves contain an energy.

Some have described these as like temples, and in many ways they are. And the third element is the impact upon the grain from these circles, because the grain as you are aware is altered by the energies that come forth to create these patterns, altered in a positive way.

The plants grow more strongly and they carry a much higher vibration and so, if the circle is made of the plants from this and you meditate within it, it will be a meditative environment of higher vibration.


Also food which is created using the grains and the leaves from these plants will bring higher vibration and in a sense better nutrition to the body. So there are several elements to these patterns, and so that broadly is there purpose. Their purpose is to assist with the awakening of humanity and to the lifting up of the vibration of the human physical body.


So that is the purpose. And the reason we use this area is firstly, it is well populated and so almost all the patterns are discovered quickly after they are laid down, and also you will be aware that there is a great history of energies, telluric energies which can be worked with for these patterns, and also of humanity with the Druids in particular working in these areas of England over long periods of time and this in a sense is a consciousness that we can connect with as we bring forth these patterns. So it is a very suitable environment for us to do this work. And so it is.


Carolyn - Thank you. I would like some further thoughts on something that you said. You mentioned that people who meditate within the crop circle find great benefits on many levels and there are many people in the world who cannot physically go there and sit within those energy patterns. Is there some way that humanity through their desire, through their drive, can access these energies in meditation without physically being there?


It's a very good question. Firstly, the actions of those viewing the patterns and meditating upon the patterns, all of this not only impacts the individual but impacts the consciousness of all of humanity.

It contributes to that, you could say conscious field that surrounds the planet and so everybody benefits. The second step that can be taken is that when an individual meditates, they can visualise themselves within a particular pattern.


They can intend that they be, that their consciousness join with that pattern and in doing so they will connect with the energy of that pattern. It is not as powerful as being there, but it is much closer than you might imagine and so this is a step that anyone can take. To summarise that, enter meditation and envision yourself within the pattern, and intend that your consciousness be present in that pattern and you will be in that pattern.


You also asked about how we actually lay down these patterns and it is difficult to express it in simple terms here. However, what I would say is that we send energy forth and there is a cooperation between us and the elementals you might call them, those beings which husband so much of what is expressed on your planet, husband the plants and the trees and so much of nature.

And so these elemental beings cooperate with us and work with the plants to have these patterns come forth. We do not do this alone. It is with their assistance that these patterns are laid down so quickly and so completely and so accurately. I know this is an incomplete answer but it is difficult for me to explain it in terms that you will readily understand.


Carolyn - Thank you. I actually find that answer much more beautiful than perhaps you might think. I'm very much aware that one of the, I don't like to use the word duty, but responsibility, duty responsibility, actually pleasure, is that it was intended that humankind have a close connection with the elementals and work with them to help planet Earth in a beneficial manner, and this is something that humanity has forgotten.


So I'm very glad that you have brought this information forth and so I would like to ask some recommendations from you, some thoughts to help direct humanity towards a more conscious cooperation with the elementals, and if you would just take a moment and explain a little bit the purpose of the elementals, how humanity could assist the elementals and how we as individuals who are so inclined might connect with the elementals to help them with their work, I would appreciate it?


As you say, it was intended for humanity to work closely with these beings and these skills and abilities have been forgotten. However it is something that can be reawakened and indeed it is being reawakened. There are some today who choose to work closely with the elementals.

Their role, as I said is to husband much of nature and how it is expressed and unfolded. There is this dance which goes on within nature that most of humanity is unaware of, just as humanity is unaware that there are conscious beings who assist the planet in its unfolding, you could say.


There is Gaia and there are the Earth guardians, and there are beings on many levels who assist the processes that unfold upon your planet. And in terms of the living natural plant life in particular, this work is undertaken by the elementals.


They communicate with all forms of plant life and it is a connection that anybody can reawaken, if you simply acknowledge this truth and in meditation choose to connect with the elementals, and make them aware that you wish to assist them; and simply taking that step will on an unconscious level bring forth the assistance that humanity was intended to provide to these beings.


And it will help to reopen these connections and as the awareness grows for humanity with the changing energies on the planet, as more and more of humanity begins to remember their past lives and their skills and abilities, these connections will grow such that when humanity ascends, this connection with the elementals will be completely re-established, and the dance of life as it was intended will be returned once more.


Carolyn - I want to thank you for that beautiful answer, and you might say bring consciousness of humanity who read this and who listen to this to a certain point that they can understand that first of all there is a grand mission so to speak, where the elementals work with humanity on a planetary level, but I also want to bring focus to how humanity can work with the elementals on a very basic singular mission.


You might say where people have simply a flower garden that they enjoy or simply a little vegetable garden where they would like vegetables to grow in profusion, and so I think, just me mentioning this would get people thinking about how they can make a beautiful garden where they live, how they can grow more nutritious food; and so, if you could just comment on that.

How perhaps people might meditate, work with the elementals and perform a beautiful picture of blessings in their own backyard, so to speak?


Yes, this is very possible and what I suggest people do is to meditate and to call forth the elementals and ask them to assist you with your garden. Tell them what you want, if you want a profusion of flowers, if you want very nutritious vegetables in profusion, explain this to them and ask them that they protect your flowers and your crops from illness and disease.


And whilst this may not be 100% effective in all cases, it will make an enormous difference, an enormous difference. And there are many who are seeking to walk the path of what is known as biodynamic or natural protection of crops of various sorts.


If they connect with the elementals and ask them to assist, it will make an enormous difference to these efforts, such that you really can eliminate all of these man-made chemicals that are so readily used in various crops. It is a role that the elementals are more than happy to assist with.


Carolyn - Thank you for bringing that forth, because maybe you realized that was the next direction that I was going was the concept of the fertilizers that humanity uses where I'm not sure is in the best interest of plant life. And so I am assuming that what you're saying is that if humanity connects with the elementals and tells them what they are looking for in their garden, that the chemicals might not be necessary to use, that the soil can be built up through the help of the elementals. Am I on the right track with that?


Yes, it's important to bring forth the alternative forms of nutrients and so on and there are a number of approaches that can be taken. However engaging the assistance of the elementals will make an enormous difference to the effectiveness of these efforts.


Carolyn - Thank you so much.




Sheldan Nidle's Update from the Galactic Federation of Light and the Spiritual Hierarchy

5 Chicchan, 5 Kayab, 7 Ik

Selamat Jarin!


We return once again! Everywhere, our Earth allies are making progress.


The Ascended Masters assure us that the new financial system is in place and the new monies are ready for distribution.

We are busily assisting them in setting up the final pieces needed before the new governments make their first announcements.


This operation runs parallel to the process that is manifesting the new central banks. Indeed, several of your major financial institutions are now no more than facades for the institutions slated to succeed them.


In addition, the globe's secret gold depositories have already allocated the funds that support the world's new hard currency system; and the mass printing of new bills and the minting of new coinage is also complete.


This money is being held in well-guarded, undisclosed facilities around the globe, and the people selected to distribute these funds are at present waiting for the final 'go' codes. The same applies to most of the new-government personnel. All that is left is for the divine right moment to occur.

As we await this magic moment, our fleet personnel are carrying out the next steps in our disclosure scenario, one of which concerns our first post-disclosure broadcasts. Our communications team is revising what we intend to convey to you. You now want to know more about us, and so we are completing the presentation which will set the stage for our massive first contact with you.


One of the main items will be to display the various technologies we intend to share with you, and another will be to give you a video introduction to your Inner Earth cousins, the Agarthans.


The Agarthans intend to follow this introduction with a full explanation of who they are and to ask you for a formal recognition of their Inner Earth realm. They desire to teach you about your true origins and your true history.

This knowledge is very different to what you now generally believe and hence, needs a clear and formal recognition of the Agarthans before it can be given to you. These events are only the first part of our initial interaction with you.

The Agarthans are setting up a grand tour for the leaders of the various caretaker governments, which includes a demonstration of a comprehensive tableau of Earth's early history (from Lemuria to the fall of Atlantis) and an explanation to each leader of the scenario envisioned for the initial cooperation between the Agarthans and each new surface government. It is important for the two parts of Gaia to be reunited.


During the nearly 13 millennia that the two realms were apart, the dark reigned supreme over the surface.

But with the return of the Light to the surface world, a grand reunion can take place, which is why we are giving the Agarthans this vital role in the first contact mission.


On another front, the numerous secret societies that serve the Light are in a position to execute the final government transitions; indeed, these governments have begun to issue the orders that initiate the new global financial and currency system. This establishes the system's formal legitimacy and permits our Earth allies to remove the dark cabal from power.


Blessings! We are the Ascended Masters! In our last message, we described a means for you to regain full use of your Soul Force during this June solstice.

This ceremony begins with your standard practice for reaching inside and communicating with your I Am Presence, which can be meditation, prayer, or even just creating a special time of peace that silences for a time the constant drone of your waking mind.


Once this special connection is obtained, each person makes a personalized decree, evoking the return of this long-lost sovereign right. This process reclaims your Soul Force.


Fully conscious, sovereign Beings have easy access to their manifesting powers, such as the ability to determine the type of society they live in. You are taking back this particular ability prior to your return to full consciousness, and this initial exercising of your sovereignty will be a big contributing factor in transforming the base conditions of your present world.


Your collective action can anchor in peace, universal prosperity, and above all, full consciousness.

Our primary mission is to raise the Earth plane to the Light. This task implies, by its very nature, that all of you can now manifest a fifth-dimensional reality.


This new reality includes the realm of Agartha and reunion with the endless Orders, Administrations, and Life streams of Heaven. In short, the full breadth and wonder of Heaven are to be revealed to you, and in the process, you will discover who you truly are, spiritually, including your role in unfolding the divine plan.


The present time is the transition period decreed long ago by the Creator, and we are reaching that miraculous point when the new reality manifests. So take this time of rising chaos in your stride, knowing that the immensity of spiritual and galactic humanity is fully behind you and in support of your endeavors.


Go within and merge with Spirit. Recognize the journey you have so valiantly made and know deeply that your destination is in sight. You are very, very far from alone!


This moment is filled with anticipation! Our associates have taken the tasks we gave them and are finishing them on time. Now we await the divine release given to us by Heaven. This is when your world suddenly veers toward the Light.


We have alerted our associates that this time is at hand. Then, we require that a set of specific instructions presented to us by Heaven be publicly read out.

These words may be shocking to many, yet their purpose is to prepare you for what is to come next. We intend to begin a series of special appearances and teachings, as we feel you need to know about what we collectively call the "first truths."


These teachings concern Love, true compassion, and the unity between all the diverse branches of humanity. The time has come for you to connect to each other and to your fellow humans across the vastness of physicality.

This brings us to first contact and your return to full consciousness.


We, the Ascended Masters, are completing a work that has taken thousands of us over 12.5 millennia to complete. This sacred mission is to transform the dark to Light, and hatred and division into Love and cooperation.


What is transpiring on your world is marvelous to watch! Inspired groups are coming together to form both virtual and real networks that are transforming your societies.


These little-reported activities are the grassroots beginnings on which our larger programs are based. You have shown us that these small beginnings can swiftly grow into the foundation for a galactic society.

Our associates and we bless you for what you are doing and what you are about to do!

Today, we talked about how you are speeding toward your great victory over the dark. We rejoice in the profound significance of what is happening around us.


The dark realm is morphing by spewing out its great wheel of chaos, while your response has been to hold rock-steady in the Light. Now your well-deserved time of jubilation arrives!


Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)




Sheldan Nidle's Update from the Galactic Federation of Light and the Spiritual Hierarchy

8 Chicchan, 3 Yax, 7 Ik

Selamat Balik!


We come again to discuss the many secret events that are preparing to go public on your world. These events were originally set to change your world many years ago; what is happening instead is a slow, drawn-out demise of the old order, due in large part to the decision of the dark (former) rulers of your world to obstruct Heaven's edicts at every turn and by every means.


These denizens of the dark are now regretting much of the fallout of this decision. They are vividly aware of the baleful repercussions that their relentless obstructionism has garnered for them and are using their dwindling positions of power to try to negotiate last-minute deals with our Earth allies. These shots at reduced sentences are falling on deaf ears.


Our Earth allies plan to push these transgressors to one side and render them powerless to interfere with the policies that will be introduced once the interim governments are in place. The bankster gangs and their corporate friends are wholly lacking in the moral fiber that is to be the hallmark of the new temporary regimes.

The new regimes will bring in universal sovereignty and freedom from the enslavement policies enacted by the dark Earth-minions and their former bosses, the Anunnaki. It is time for Truth and an end to the rule of lies and manipulation that has been the modus operandi of the past 13 millennia.


We fully realize how difficult it has been for our Earth allies to stand up to the wealth and power of these long-entrenched dark masters; nevertheless, each of you has been given a divine dispensation to leave this nightmare realm set up by the dark. We have had to listen to these dark cabals' insolent protestations of entitlement when asked to explain to us why their old-order policies are still in play.


Indeed, the past decade of futile meetings with them has demonstrated clearly that their vengeful and unrepentant stance remains rigid. Now the escalating quiet revolution is pushing them rapidly aside. The critical component in all this is of course us. We can see how much you need a committed champion and a dedicated mentor, and we are stepping forward to provide you with this.


These exigencies have morphed this first contact into something quite unprecedented: a mission that is both the herald for and the moral executive branch of the Galactic Federation.


In this role, we are learning how to relate to each of you and how to best assist our Earth allies in bringing the rule of the dark to a close. This transformation of planet Earth back to the Light has been decreed by Heaven and by Lord Surea, and so we have permission to perform certain tasks not normally tolerated by our superiors.


Hence we have conducted missions on your world that have required the direct insertion of our personnel into your midst, and have followed the lead of our Inner Earth cousins, the Agarthans, and placed nearly 10 million men and women from our fleet on your world, with a back up of almost 15 million more.


Our fleet is huge, and since we have a wondrous group of living Beings (our Ships), this sizable contingent of our personnel on your world does not deplete our resources. These people are our eyes and ears on the planet surface and their feedback prepares us for our future tasks of mentoring.


Freeing you from the oppression you live under is our prime objective, and to this end we have teamed up with the Agarthans to ensure that our plans are appropriate for your societies. We have a moral obligation to contribute our good offices to the cause of our Earth allies because getting the dark cabal to relinquish the reins of power into the hands of our Earth allies is paramount. In the same vein, we also intend to see that our Earth allies carry out those policies that we have jointly agreed to.


To this end we have helped provide the precious metals needed to allow for a return to a global hard-currency system. We have also used our technology to give our Earth allies the intelligence they need to outsmart the dark's negotiators. We provide the transportation and security to whisk our Earth allies from one critical meeting to another, and are also engaged with the dark cabal to ensure its compliance with the demands of our Earth allies. This is only a small part of what we are doing.


The key element in this is our defense technology, which is far in advance of that of your secret governments. Using this superiority across a broad range of defense missions has clearly demonstrated to the cabalists the extent of our capabilities. We have neutralized nuclear weapons and shut down missile launch pads and aircraft and spacecraft bases.


This necessitated the actual elimination of the occasional spacecraft and of other exotic technology bases. We have also prevented the deployment of certain secret-weapon modules against our Earth allies, which we had to do repeatedly over the past six months.

We have given out clear warnings time and again that any attacks on precious-metals depositories and safe zones for our Earth allies cannot be allowed. These caveats are now starting to sink in.

Our neutralizing of their combined satellite networks was the final straw that swayed them that a military solution was not an option.


Protecting and supporting our Earth allies is one thing; it is quite another to attack these shadow governments directly. Bating us into this silliness is a tactic that has taken hold among the dark's top strategists.

We know of this absurdity and have let the cabalists know that the only alternative open to them is unconditional surrender.


Regarding the upcoming trials, our Earth allies comprehend that capital punishment is 'off the table,' as are lengthy incarcerations for the guilty. The time remaining on the planet surface after the governmental shift has happened is no more than 16 months.


The trials are not concerned with judgment or vengeance, but about allowing exposure and understanding, and then moving on. The focus is on mentoring all of you back to full consciousness, and this old game of blame and retribution is well past its sell-by date! Your reality is set for a vast change for the better.


'A shift in consciousness' is largely an expression that has little actual meaning for most of you. Yet its implications are explicit, and we are pledged to honor this responsibility. You are a people of great, untapped potential, who are to transcend the pettiness that the dark represents.


The deepening nightmare of these times is to be the catalyst for your awakening, and once you emerge from the toxic pall of your present reality, you will be able, so to speak, to smell the wondrous consciousness of Heaven's rose. This exhilarating experience enlightens the soul and brings joy to your I Am Presence.


It is this that lies just ahead of you, and in 'light' of this, any dwelling on the unpleasantness of the past 13 millennia would be counterproductive indeed. Focus rather on the glorious future that is about to be birthed!


You are to be awarded with great responsibilities and great things are expected of you. It is not easy to attain to a new measure of who you are, while being harassed, restricted, and derided by your present environment. Your task is to rise above the ridicule and abuse you have endured in this lifetime.


You are at a pivotal point and Heaven has given you the divine Grace to succeed at your sacred tasks. We are here to provide you with the means, when necessary, to ensure your success. You are destined to become able to restore yourselves to your former glory! Ours is a supporting role, to clear the way and act as your physical mentors.


Your move to Inner Earth completes the journey that you began millennia ago. The time to rejoice is now upon you!

Today, we talked about the great changes that are beginning in your reality. The moment for ending the UFO cover-up is here.

Let this be the first step in our grand family reunion. We are in Joy! Our coming is to complete your return to full consciousness. Know, dear Ones, in your Heart of Hearts that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours!


So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)



See what Governments and others have been hiding from you...

FREE SCREENING in HQ of the award winning UFO-documentary The Day Before Disclosure


We have decided to put out the film for free, because we want the world to see whats going on.


To screen the film: The Day Before Disclosure

We welcome everyone who wants to be a part of the disclosure movement, or who is just curious to view the film.



Pepper - Everything that we have been speaking about circles back to our asking for assistance, but what if we don't know how to ask in a responsible or respective way? How would the average person even know whom to ask? And do we need to ask for assistance as a collective or are individual efforts enough? Must our requests include the voice of our governments or others in positions of authority and leadership?


Gaia's Response: A request is an intentional act, not a helpless one. It is a welling up, an uprising from the deep well within. It comes from a place that does not know the next step, but yearns for it to look and feel like a new step.


Long ago, at a similar crossroads in time humanity looked up at the midnight sky, marveled at the stars and hoped to visit them one day. It imagined that great things and great beings lived far up and away, beyond one's ability to see.


Eventually, man's imagination became a veiled request, then an invitation and when great need arose, a plea for help, too. Who was ancient man watching for? Who were they waiting for?


Those were simpler times and the mind of man simpler still, but even in complicated times and during complex situations there is a place within each soul that knows that a great plan is at work and understands that there are pillars and principles strong enough to uphold it.


This inner knowing is not the kind of knowledge that is extracted from the daily stream of information and it does not begin to release man's obligation to learn enough about his world to rebuild it when necessary.


There are unique moments in the life of each individual, and in the collective life of man of earth, when time and light bend and bow low, almost to the ground and beneath it too. In those moments when quiet becomes silence and only truth can speak or be heard, there is no mistaking a request to be set upon the path of justice through extraordinary means.


Do not disprove your authority by pointing fingers at those in power, as doing so will only lead you down the same path. Shifting the blame from the left to the right will offend both and upset any remaining sense of balance. What then? What strategy to follow, what claim to make?


Begin by remembering that your soul embodies within the human form, and as such is an integral part of the citizenry of the human race, established upon the earth to discover its own capacity to be and do great and honorable things.


A potent human mind has the ability to act and influence those things that hold sway over its future. A formidable human mind is strong and agile with the authority to act upon its own behalf and to intervene on behalf of those who are less than mighty.


A skillful human mind measures its strength not in muscle but in sway, dominating the forces of nature of which it is a part and avoiding the deceptions of supremacy and rule. An able human mind commands out of leadership while skirting the need to exercise the kind of control a government imposes on its citizens.


In right order the human mind remembers a life entrusted to principles that began elsewhere and only continue here on earth. A resourceful human mind has persuasive faculties that transfer energy from resource to source and back again. A productive human mind generates an electro-magnetic field whose qualities are magnified when successfully engaged.


Your individual efforts already have the basic structure of a collective, but one whose field is still indistinctive in shape and scope, but one whose field is not yet vital enough to recognize its own outline or mode of expression. You have no track record to fall back upon yet and you cannot distinguish the kind of behavior that will lead to cohesive thoughts, but that will come later.


There is no correct formula in asking for assistance. There is no fixed set of words or procedures to follow. There is no religious or spiritual ceremony to enact, or legal document to inscribe.

There is no prior arrangement, mold or frame of reference to follow, as all of these would only confine you. That being said, your heart is shaped of human compassion. Its expression is musical and lyrical to the soul. Begin there.


Look for the sound of the words that are already in your heart and give them substance.

You do not need to put much thought into the meaning of the words, as these may be less than accurate. The sound that each word makes was born long before its meaning came to be, which is why so many unrelated languages have similar words.


Each soul, like a parent, recognizes the unmistakable sound of its own heart. It does not go unheeded. A cry made by a human heart has a great impact upon those who guide and assist it. When you cry out in anguish angels hear you.


They respond and minister to you in ways both small and large according to their own discipline and calling. Is it so different or far-fetched to assume that those in a position to assist would hear a request for assistance in restoring one's planetary resources?


Gaia's Conclusion:


It would be well for humanity on its own behalf and my own to begin to gather new and different ideas about its future, even if it must do so a few scraps at a time. A bird must feather is own nest, and as it does so, still run the risk that the tree it has chosen may be cut down and used for a different purpose or that its nest will only serve one season and not many.


It is time for humanity to look boldly ahead and to choose this life as one that changes because of compromise instead of one that has been compromised by change.


The days before you are not numbered unless you count them one by one. Count by two's and already they double, by three's and your opportunities have trebled, multiply by five and the troubled moments of the present will be long behind you.


Dwell in the moment long enough to be counted present, but not long enough to become its prisoner. If your eyes cannot see further out then help them to see further in. Trust in the things you cannot see but have merit just the same.


Plan lightly and tentatively if you must, but warm in the conclusion that your step is a safe one. Look equally to the right and to the left without prejudice as justice follows its own path and balances its own scales.


Be the night watchman of your own thoughts and affairs, but take care that you do not become the watchdog of the fenced beliefs of others. Welcome the light of change and the variable moods that accompany it. Remember that the earth also has its moods and that orange skies are not a sign of anger, but of creativity moving outward from the deepest well within.


Pepper is the founder of The Peaceful Planet, an organization dedicated to relating to our environment and the world around us in a way that embraces and projects balance, integrity, peace and harmony. www.thepeacefulplanet.com


China has started doing something about the use of fossil fuels with action in producing an AIR DRIVEN CAR!!! click here to see it

Where is this all heading to you may ask???

Preparing For Ascension (A Study Course)
Light Body -- Our Destiny

By Mary Mageau


Humanity is experiencing a great awakening as we enter this present time of transformation. Many of us are searching for a deeper meaning in our lives as we change jobs, end old relationships, begin new ones, relocate to new places and dream bold, creative new dreams.

All around us we observe that ordinary people are now asking questions, demanding answers and requesting greater accountability from our governments, churches, banks, multi-national corporations and other institutions.

This scenario for change, that is occurring everywhere, is being driven by the waves of light that are continually bombarding our solar system and the earth plane. 

Our entire Milky Way galaxy makes one complete revolution around its central sun. This great cycle, known as the solar precession, takes approximately 26,000 years to complete.

We also know that early Egyptian astronomers were able to forecast past and future solar precession dates from records they left in the pyramid of Giza . Within this great precession cycle is a 2,000 year period when our solar system passes through a band of extremely high energy.

This band has been referred to as the Mana sic Radiation or the Photon Belt. It is a period of intense light that we have now entered that will lift all life forms within it into a new and higher vibration. It carries the seeds for the potential enlightenment of all beings as the atomic structures within the very cells of our bodies, are tuning themselves to match the rising frequencies.

We are shifting from a third dimensional carbon based body (from one that matches the atomic spin and vibrational frequency of carbon) to a fifth or higher dimensional crystalline body (to one that matches the atomic spin and vibrational frequency of crystal). So too the bodies of animals, plant life and all upon and within the earth are making this transition with us, as is our entire galaxy. 

Our light bodies are also being activated as these new energies recalibrate our dormant DNA strands that contain the blueprint of ourselves as fully conscious beings. Currently most of humanity has only two functioning strands of DNA, intertwined into a double helix.

This portion of our DNA structure contains information pertaining to our biology - such as our individual features and the genetic information passed on through our family lines, eg: a paternal grandfather's tendency toward arthritis, or a mother's genes for musical talent.

These two strands also hold the genetic codes for our physical evolution. But there is another part of our DNA structure that has to do with the spiritual component of the human being, one that science has not presently considered.

If one is persuaded that the human being consists of a soul imbedded within a biological body, then it should logically follow that the genetic links within each individual would also contain spiritual information. So why are we unaware of this information and what has become of it? 


The Manipulation of Our DNA


Many of these spiritual elements were deliberately turned off in our ancient history because there was a struggle to control this aspect of a human being. Very dark energy, extraterrestrial forces, who were also genetic engineers, desired to keep the development of humankind firmly under their power and control.

They achieved this through the use of genetic manipulation, by creating fear and domination. This event occurred in Atlantis, over 200,000 years ago, when the human DNA molecule was breached.

When these dark forces unravelled and reprogrammed our DNA, they were able to shut down and isolate many of its strands, thus our human DNA was reduced to only a double helix. This manipulation and disconnection of our original DNA resulted in a ‘veil' being placed between our five physical senses and our spiritual awareness.

However there was a promise given from the higher realms. At some time in our future, we would be allowed to develop again according to the divine blueprint of the original plan. In the meantime humanity had to undergo a long and painful period of spiritual development.

Those guiding our spiritual heritage have sent representatives to assist us to elevate our thoughts and desires, so as to grow spiritually and regain our lost abilities. These advanced souls include the prophets, Jesus Christ, Muhammed, the Buddha, Archangel Michael and many others. 

The fully conscious human being has twelve strands of functional DNA. Beyond our double helix are ten additional dormant soul strands. When these are finally activated, we will experience a total expansion of our consciousness and full access to our light bodies.

Originally there were over 2,000 particles in our DNA that allowed these higher spiritual abilities to function. All strands are not positioned within the physical part of our biology either, as many reside on the plane inhabited by our higher mind.

Our individual souls are so much greater than what we can perceive with our five physical senses, because these more lofty abilities are not all found within our physical bodies. Instead they are accessed on a higher spiritual plane or vibration and not in the denser physical levels of gasses and solids.

The recoding of our DNA is happening automatically as we all begin to transition the photon belt. Presently our solar sun steps down these powerful energies as they emanate from the centre of the universe. And like the workings of a giant clock, the planets have found the positions that allow these higher and finer energies to reach us.

On the surface of our Earth, many energy vortexes and star gates are being opened by awakened humans who gather during important events: eclipses, equinoxes, solstices etc. Through focused thought intention, they anchor and ground the incoming energies. The source of this mighty and uplifting energy that is pouring downwards to us, comes from “All That Is,” the Great Creator, Itself. 


Activating Our Light Bodies


Already many individuals have moved beyond their double helix by working upward toward the full twelve strands that mark their next level of achievement. Many of them are assisting others to recode and activate their added DNA strands. Individuals can also begin to help themselves to turn on the inactive aspects of their DNA in order to experience a higher state of consciousness.

Adopting greater compassion and unconditional love in our daily lives begins the reclaiming of the light codes needed for our advancement. These codes cover a wide range of spiritual abilities and cluster around: peace, unity, cooperation, integrity, truthfulness and cultivating a sense of beauty. Others influence our abilities toward achieving telepathy, stronger intuition, physic gifts and an immortal physical body. 

The latter code will allow us, in future, to inhabit a body of light that will look youthful and beautiful and will not deteriorate or die. The light body can be regenerated so that injuries and scars are changed through the consciousness that controls and inhabits these bodies.

When we can conceive of living in a body halfway between the physical realm and light, where it does not decay but instead becomes a shimmering mass – that is the blueprint for the immortal physical body that will come into being.

This light body is the reconciliation between the soul and the dense physical body, between the physical and the spiritual. It is the fully energetic, perfect container for our evolving souls as it allows for the total use of all our spiritual skills and abilities. This light body, (the Adam Kadmon body), is our true destiny. 


Tools for Light Body Activation


Instead of including questions for your journaling, I have suggested the following exercises. The portal between the physical body and the realms of energy and light, is the body's endocrine or hormonal system. Through this portal, transmissions from our light bodies are mediated into physical chemical messages.

These then enter the blood stream as hormones, which regulate the life force energy distribution and functioning of our physical bodies. Light energy from higher dimensions first enters the body at the pineal gland.

This small gland located in the brain is the crucial portal for the reception of higher vibrations of light. It is shaped somewhat like a pineapple and has a lens covering its front. Our pituitary gland, or master gland, then directs the light energy to the various ductless glands of the endocrine system throughout the body. 

A good way to balance the physical body and to activate the light body is to work with the breath and the energy of the thymus gland or ‘high heart.' Within the heart chakra, energy emissions are experienced in their essence as unconditional love. Because the heart chakra also acts as the master chakra for the lungs, the act of breathing also serves to activate the thymus.

When you breathe deeply, as in meditation, the heart energy flows smoothly to produce that sense of calm and relaxation. And when you breathe while focusing on the heart chakra, you will flood your system with the light energy of unconditional love.

The thymus is a ductless gland associated with the functioning of the heart chakra and also has much to do with telepathy. It is available to anyone that knows what it is and how to open it. It is located in the middle of the chest above the heart. To open your thymus, look at your chest area just above the heart and take several gentle, focused breaths directed at that space. You will notice that you are breathing differently than you were a few moments before.

To activate the thymus gland first remove your wrist watch, jewellery, and glasses.  Hold the back straight, your head looking straight ahead and your feet flat on the floor. Place your hands on your knees, open with the palms facing down on your knees. Close your eyes.

Visualize your throat centre as a high blue and spinning rapidly. Then picture your heart centre as high green spinning less quickly than your throat chakra. As they both spin a little faster see them expanding. Continue until they are large enough to touch one another. When they touch the spin ceases.

When this happens raise the palms of your hands upward to cover these two centres of your body. It doesn't matter which hand is used, just so one is over the throat centre and one over the heart centre. Slide your hands together, then flatten them both parallel to the thymus centre. Keep them held tightly together and say aloud, ‘Separate…..Spin' Then it is done.

Finish the activation by tapping firmly on that area of the chest. It does not have to be hard, but tap until it becomes tender. Then let it rest and tap the area once again. You have opened a portal here at the thymus that will allow you to receive certain information.

This portal also lets all higher entities know that you are working for the light. It is your beacon that people and other entities can identify you by. It is your ‘signature,' as this gland in your body is the one that marks you as an individual. Once it has been opened it identifies your auric field in the same manner as it marks your body.

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